Hanover Point

Visitor tips from personal experience....

When you arrive on The Island purchase a map of just The Isle of Wight - do not rely on the small map at the bottom of the large road map used to get there. A scale of 1.5" to 1 mile is recommended, A to Z maps offer this and also have tourist information, places of interest and some detailed street maps of popular towns on the map as well. A cheaper option is the ITP Visitors Map which you can get for a £1 or so, although it is black and white it is still quite detailed with places of interest and attractions are listed. 

If you are a sun lover or just want to take full advantage of a gorgeous day then try to stay in the approximate area you are currently in. In other words if you imagine the diamond shaped Island divided into 4 quarters from the middle then try and stay in 'your quarter' if you are completely content at that time. We have seen this many, many times where the weather can become cloudier and cooler just a few miles across or up The Island. See travelling times around The Island.

Pay only slight attention to the weather forecast for The Island especially from the television. Usually the forecast is correct for the South of the mainland anyway, but the weather usually becomes far better than forecast especially if you happen to be staying in the lower half of The Island. And when you have had an excellent day and evening and browse that evening or next day for the temperatures of the previous day {to see how hot it really was} the weather reported will not be as good as you had! Weird, but this has happened many, many, times.

Take plenty of good sun cream with you, you may need it!  Also take some cream that is several factors more than you would normally use, it can get very hot here especially in the South of the Island.

Try the local seafood, in particular crab, lobster and haddock dishes! The vast majority of pubs are highly geared up for food and usually the portions are on the large side, however seafood is not cheap and if you are on a budget then fresh crab in particular can be tasty from beachside cafe's and is obviously not as expensive as it is from pubs and restaurants. It can also be purchased from the fisherman at seafood huts selling direct to do with as you wish, two places spring to mind: Crab Fishery and Haven on Ventnor’s Esplanade and a fisherman's house at Steephill Cove next to the café'. Ventnor crab has a strong flavour.

The roads around the South West and West of The Island are not as congested as the North East and East areas even in peak August time, in fact they are quiet. The main route through Shanklin - Sandown - Lake - Bembridge suffers from heavy congestion sometimes and this can in some cases be avoided by going the 'scenic' route over the downs {downs, another name for hills}.

Visit the Pubs. There are thatched ones, family ones, food orientated ones, Olde' Worlde' ones, beachside ones, isolated ones, for a really good mini book guide invest in the Camra I.O.W. pub guide.  A new one is in the pipeline now and this when available is sold in bookshops and all the Tourist Information shops. Or use this link to their web site - Wightwash. I also have a handful of recommended pubs within my guide.

The South of The Island especially Ventnor, Shanklin, Shanklin Old Village, Niton, and possibly Lake do get the warmest and sunniest of weather. Ventnor even has it's own mini climate with record holding hours of sunshine throughout the year, which is one reason why The Botanical Gardens and some residents grow sub-tropical plants and trees successfully. Weather can sometimes be subtly different in these areas compared to the North or West of The Island for example although the whole Island generally is still warmer than that of the mainland.

Hanover Point

This marker as pictured above was a stone Thimble off Hanover Point. There was a battery of guns at Freshwater Bay, and during practice firing there was a danger of shells coming back inland if their aim was not kept to one side of this marker. It is situated between Brook and Compton Bay on the West of The Island. Update: now sadly fallen into the sea after neglect.