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Ventnor Park 2

Ventnor Park is a short distance away from the car park on the headland behind The Spyglass Inn.  Simply go to the top area of the park and there is a narrow footpath leading downwards - go down this carefully and at the bottom turn left to go toward Ventnor and The Spyglass or right to Steephill Cove using the coastal path.  If you wish to enter the park from this path {which is what we did this year} you will have to look carefully for the path upward - it is not marked in any way!

There is also free car parking on the A3055 which runs alongside the park.


The small round bird avery is in front of Park Lodge.



This is the headland with the coastal path running through it looking towards Ventnor.  The Parks top ridge is to the far left of this picture.



Park Lodge from a different angle.






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