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Ventnor Park 1


Ventnor Park is situated in a Westerly direction of Ventnor and runs alongside the A3055 road towards St. Lawrence.  It is not a particularly large park but it is well maintained and has a stream with a few stepping stones running through it.  At the start of the park there is a putting green with ice cream and refreshments which is normally open into the evenings during peak season.  Near Park Lodge there is a small bird aviary and not too far away is Ventnor Park's Bandstand which originally belonged to Ventnor's Pier and has been in the park since 1903.


Ventnor Park Lodge 2005.

Park Lodge with the putting green just visible behind.  The putting green has 18 holes and is quite popular.



The main path leading away from the entrance at Park Lodge.  Running alongside this the A3055 has mostly large Victorian properties lining the road some with lush gardens usually containing some sub-tropical plants.




Looking the other way back toward the entrance.




Ventnor putting green and Park Lodge one hot late-afternoon.





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