The Spyglass Inn
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The Bell Bar and Ventnor Pier

Ventnor Pier can be seen in the distance of this old picture, and The Bell Bar in the foreground is what the bar was called within The Winter Gardens. There was also a very large bell mounted in the middle of the room I seem to remember.

Queens Hotel, Ventnor

The Queens Hotel in Victorian times in all its glory, directly behind the boat in the foreground. This was renamed The Metropol Hotel which was the last name this building would acquire before its demolition a few years ago. The Queens Hotel is on the front white upper wall as well as on the side wall in the picture.

Victorian view from the pier

A view from The Pier. The large Hotel on the left {where The Mill Bay now has its outside area and conservatory} is The Esplanade Hotel. The original Mill Bay building adjacent has not changed much although when the picture was taken it was called Corbould {with magnification}, and the very tall building behind The Esplanade Hotel is still there to this day.

Esplanade view from above The Spyglass

From the popular viewpoint above the now called Spyglass Inn. These pictures were kindly supplied by Martin Warner, more Victorian pictures can be seen at