The Spyglass Inn
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Winter Gardens and the cascade footpath

Cascade footpath leading up to Ventnor's Winter Gardens. The Wintergardens Bar and small theatre has also had a bit of a revamp on the outside.

The Winter Gardens

The Winter Gardens, local societies as well as groups can be seen here such as The Damned, Hazel 'O' Connor. Sadly this venue has closed its doors, and its future is uncertain - 2011. The local W.G. Rescue Group has plans to save it. Visit:

Ventnor Lizard

Ventnor's lizards can up to a foot long - these show themselves in hot weather and are quite common within this part of the Island. They are either basking in the sun or darting about..

The Spyglass Inn

The Spyglass Inn as seen from the beach. There are two more pubs, a wine and Tapas bar and the Winter Gardens all along the esplanade.