Memorial to Tip: "The sheepdog which stayed by the body of her dead Master Mr Joseph Tagg on The Howden Moors for fifteen weeks from 12th December 1953 to 27th March 1954." "Erected by public subscription".  It is located just past the West tower of the Derwent dam.

Tip was an 11 year old sheepdog bitch who had been bred and trained at a local shepherd Mr Joseph Tagg, who was well known as a famous sheepdog breeder and was the founder member of the local sheepdog trials in 1905. On 12 December 1953 they both set off to attend sheep in the Derwent Valley. The alarm was raised when they did not return hours later than expected. RAF mountain rescue and local people started a widespread search for the missing pair, and at weekends hundreds of ramblers joined family and friends but there was no sign of them.

Quite a few searches were abandoned due to the snow which was especially bad that winter. On 27 March 1954 two locals, Mr Sam Bingham and Mr Joe Shepherd whilst rounding sheep on Ronksley moors noticed what they thought was an old coat in a dip. As they approached they realised it was Tip only a few feet away from the dead body of her 86 year old master. Tip was very weak and thin and did not want to leave the body of her dead master, 15 weeks she had spent on the moors in the winter months, possibly living off dead rabbits and birds killed off in the winter.

Tip made a good recovery and lived with Mr Tagg's niece Miss Thorpe for a further 18 months. Tips final resting place is actually a beautiful site on Derwent Edge overlooking the valley.

Memorial to the sheepdog called "Tip"