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The Long Stone, Mottistone Down.




View from Mottistone Down 2005.

Just one of the views walking across the down the 'long way' to The Long Stone,  The Sun Inn and the cliffs near Freshwater Bay can also be seen.



Another from the same footpath, this and the previous picture taken by my daughters camera.



The Sun Inn 2005.

A closer view with a 300mm telephoto lens of The Sun Inn at Hulverstone.

As mentioned earlier, there are two ways of walking to The Long Stone from the N.T. car park near to Mottistone Manor, where there is free parking.  One way is at a lot quicker than the other however.

For both ways:  Go through the end of the car park heading toward Mottistone Manor along a footpath.  After a matter of some yards look left and there is a woodland footpath leading uphill, there is in fact a small N.T. sign on a small post.  Go up this narrow footpath for some hundred yards or so until the path becomes a fork.

The well trodden path to the left is the long way to The Long Stone with fantastic views, this way seems to loop round slightly heading back on yourself {when you pass over a stile with a gate attached take a right} and in some parts at the top the path becomes a bridleway. 

The smaller path to the right of the fork is the shorter way by far passing very near to the top fence of The Manor Gardens and is a narrow footpath.


Two more pictures


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