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The Needles  2



The chairlift at Alum Bay, red and orange coloured sands can be seen at the top of the picture.

Visitors are not permitted to collect any sand from the cliffs anymore due to safety reasons.
The chairlift.
View of Alum Bay.


View from the many hundreds of steps down to Alum Bay and 'The Needles' can be seen at the end of the headland - this is the alternative way of reaching Alum Bay beach if you do not wish to use the chair lift!



Taken whilst on a boat trip to The Needles these observation slits at the very bottom of these large cliffs are impossible to spot unless you are on a boat.  These took two years to complete digging tunnels down through rock some hundreds of feet in length to reach the spot shown.  These tunnels are not open to the public though.

Observation slits in rocks leading up to The Needles.

View of The Needles from The Military road.

The other side of The Needles taken from The Military road on the West side of The Island.  The Needles themselves are actually hidden from this angle and are just around the corner tip.



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