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The Needles  1



The Isle of Wight is famous for quite a few things and one of these are The Needles.  These are three chalk monolith rocks that are located at the most Westerly tip of The Island.  There used to be a fourth rock that was higher and thinner than the remaining ones seen today but it fell away hundreds of years ago.  It was this tall and thin rock that possibly gave the formation their nickname The Needles.

View from Alum Bay Pleasure Park.

There is quite a few things to see and do at The Needles:

Alum Bay Pleasure Park where access to Alum Bay beach is possible either by chairlift or a walk down lots of steps.  Once down at the beach there is the surroundings to appreciate with the many colours of sand here as well. 

Boat trips are available from here to go up to The Needles and this is recommended.  The Needles are not that big and are dwarfed by the surrounding cliffs leading to them.

The Needles Old Battery a N.T. owned Battery from 1863.

The Needles Old Battery and Pleasure Park are recommended in my attractions section



The last needle rock and The Needles Lighthouse now fully automated.

The Needles Lighthouse 

Coloured sands of Alum Bay.

Just some of the many colours of sand to be found here.

At Alum Bay Pleasure Park there are some small children's rides with some small attractions all pay-as-you-go.  There is no admission charge to the site and all day car parking is £3.  There is a gift shop, Alum Bay Glass Studio, Alum Bay Sand Shop {a favourite where children and adults can purchase from a selection of pre-filled coloured sand ornaments and gifts or 'fill your own'} a restaurant and bar as well as some viewpoints. 

Beyond the pleasure park is The Needles Old Battery and this is accessed by walking along a cliff top road and footpath or by taking the bus from the pleasure park which run very frequently. 

If you enjoy heights then why not go upstairs on one of the open top buses that take you up to The Needles Old Battery?  I did it once and then sat downstairs on the return trip - the cliff top road seems so close to the sudden drop of the chalk cliffs.






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