The Model Village, Godshill


The entrance to The Model Village has had a colour change recently from green to blue.

It is easy to find in the village, it is not quite opposite The Taverners pub on the only bend in the road running through the village of Godshill.

Reasonable entrance charges and a FREE visit within 7 days as well. Enjoy on a nice day especially.

There is a small outdoor seating area and tiny cafe' at the back edge of the model village's route. There is also a gift shop as you leave the model village.
Entrance to The Model Village, Godshill
The Crab Inn  

The Crab Inn.

Wind turbine - the start of things to come for The Island?

Whilst quite useful in the right location and remote enough so as not too upset too many people I approve, however I think more research and development ought to be allocated to harnessing the power of the sea and tides.

Wind Turbine at The Model Village, Godshill
Fancy a ride anyone?




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