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The Long Stone, Mottistone Down



The Long Stone 2005.

These two stones are situated high up on Mottistone Down where there are fantastic views and lots of natural plants and shrubs.  These are rumoured to be a place of worship and rituals many years ago and nearby are the remains of a Neolithic long barrow.  They are sandsone and the tallest one stands about 13ft high.  There are a few ways to get here two of which are from The National Trust car park near Mottistone Manor, see the end of the next page.



Heather on Mottistone Down 2005.

Just some of the heather taken by my daughters camera.



The Long Stone 2005.

Another view showing the small footpath on the left going downhill - use this for the quick way back past the top of the gardens of  Mottistone manor.  There is nothing around here but a small cottage nearby.





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