The Garlic Farm, Newchurch
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The Garlic Farm

Near Newchurch on the Isle of Wight The Garlic Farm is highly recommended to visit if you are a lover of all things garlic.

Garlic Farm gift shop and adjacent Cafe'. It is completely Free to visit the Garlic Farm and shop and parking is on the opposite side of the road from the farm and shop and an extra car park on the left past the entrance.

It is also possible to have a look at the garlic farm and plantation itself. See how many types of garlic you can spot! There are also two nature walks to enjoy, one short and one long and the longer can be done via tractor trailer rides when available. Lots of types of Garlic are within the shop and the smell in there is fantastic!

Chutneys, pickles, relishes, even garlic ice-cream as well as many kitchen products related to the cooking or preparing of garlic.

Garlic gadgets, other home grown vegetables are also for sale. Plenty of information boards, leaflets, and books about garlic. The very large bulbs of garlic are called Elephant Garlic. This is not strictly from the garlic family and has a mild flavour.

By the way, do not keep your fresh garlic in the fridge - this only reduces the flavour.

The Garlic Farm has a good website. Visit:

The Garlic Farm gift shop and cafe'

The garlic Farm gift shop and cafe', more outside seating around the back.

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Garlic Farm History

Welcome board and brief history of the Garlic Farm. There is Garlic Festival every year in August, check out: