Links to recommended sites: Under the Derbyshire rivers link - this site gives information about The Derwent Valley reservoirs and their construction.  Visiting Information via a pdf file of a leaflet produced for the visitor to the Derwent and The National Park. This large web site covers the whole of Derbyshire and there is lots of information here. Places to stay including Youth Hostels and places to visit as well as things to do and Peak District town guides and much more. This is one of the walks that is featured in the Dales and Vales website - Starting at The Derwent Dam Abbey Bank walk has information with some nice pictures of the route along the way. For very detailed information about The 617 Dambusters Squadron including practice flights and training, bomb design, and The Lancaster bomber to name a few examples. There are also pages dedicated to Barnes Wallis and Wing Commander Guy Gibson. Views from the bomb aimer of the Lancaster's 65th fly past in the Derwent Valley. This long video shows the length of the valley and at the end has footage in the main cockpit. I do not know how long this video be available for.


Thanks for looking at my site which was created through my admiration, respect and appreciation of this fantastic area, the dams and their construction, the history and the natural beauty of this place.

I hope you find this mini site useful in some way, there is so much available to do in this unspoilt area of The Derwent Valley. All the pictures within this {with the exception of one} have been taken by myself, and the web design and creation is all my own work. Thanks,

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