The Culver Haven, Culver Down near Sandown 2


Culver Down memorial to Lord Yarborough


The Lord Yarborough monument can be seen for many miles in most directions on a fine day.

The memorial was constructed to celebrate the life and sad death of Lord Yarborough who was the first Commodore of the Royal Yacht Squadron and he loved the sea with a passion.

In 1846 Lord Yarborough died suddenly on board the 'Kestrel' his own vessel whilst in Virgo, this was a sad occurrence as he was unaccompanied by any of his family. The Royal Yacht Squadron Committee put up £200 towards a Nautical Monument at some appropriate spot in the Isle of Wight to perpetuate his memory.

 The monument is very near to the pub and small cafe'.
Culver Battery, Culver Down  

Culver Battery is located at the end of the headland. This used to house 2 large 9.2" gun emplacements of which the circular track can still be seen.

Built in 1863 and in use till 1956 these are examples of Palmerston's Follies which were built to protect Portsmouth from the French.

Culver Battery, Culver Down  

Notice the "Where did it all go WRONG" graffiti.

The Culver Trail starts from near here, this is a 3.25m circular walk.






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