The Culver Haven, Culver Down near Sandown


The Culver Haven Inn


For details of how to get here see The Culver Haven recommendations for FOOD or a place in which to have a drink in my pub guide. It is quite easy to miss the only turning up here...

The Culver Haven pub is situated on top of Culver Down and Culver Cliffs can be seen from Sandown, Shanklin and beyond.

There is a tall memorial to Lord Yarborough, a handful of houses, a very, very small cafe', and remains of an old sea defence Battery up here as well as passing Bembridge Fort along the way.

It is pretty quiet up here even in peak season.
Armada Beacon, Culver Down    

This 'Armada' Beacon is beyond the pub where there are fantastic views in all directions.

It is quite easy to fly a kite here. Do not go near the cliff edges they are very high.

There is a couple of additional car parks as well as the one near to the pub. One of these is on the way up towards the pub on the right hand side - if you are ascending. The other is past the pubs car park and this one overlooks Whitecliff bay and Bembridge in the far distance.

There is also a handful of car spaces available to park near to the monument and small cafe'.
Culver Down from Shanklin Beach South end  

Culver Cliffs as seen from the South end of Shanklin Beach with Sandown in the far distance.

Where I have put a red line indicates where The Lord Yarborough monument and the Culver Haven pub is on Culver Down itself.

'Down' means hill.



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