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A Walk to The Tennyson Monument


The Tennyson Monument is situated on the West of The Island and is in a high location offering great views for the visitor.


Alfred Lord Tennyson was born on 6th August 1809 and was the fourth of twelve children. He became established in the nation as an extremely popular poet and was friends with Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

He died in 1892, at the age of 83. He is buried in the Poets corner of Westminster Abbey in London.


This is the view of The Mainland in the distance before climbing up the steep and narrow path up to the monument.

On the far left of this view would be the car park which is adjacent to a disused quarry.

There are no refreshments, toilets or houses around here. The nearest place for something to eat or drink is The Highdown Inn at the start of the lane {Highdown Lane} used to get to the mentioned car park.


This is looking in the direction of Freshwater Bay {hidden out of view by the cliffs} on a very hot and humid day. These cliffs are quite high!

This cropped view was taken looking in the same direction as the second picture, this time from the top near the monument. Hurst Castle and lighthouse can be seen on The Mainland.


The Highdown Inn is recommended and featured in my pub guide. It is a quiet place to have a drink or something to eat.

Walk directions:

Find The Highdown Inn, Totland. This can be a bit tricky as the pub is not in Totland itself. Head out of Totland towards Alum Bay, chances are that you will be on the Alum Bay New Road. Off this on a sharp corner is the turning for Alum Bay Old Road and is easily missed. The Highdown Inn is at the end of Alum Bay Old Road or the start of Moons Hill Road.

Go down the Highdown Lane that runs alongside the rear car park to the pub. After a quarter of a mile the lane finishes into a free car park that once used to be the area of a quarry. Do not leave valuables or items that look valuable in your car.

Alongside the car park there is a well worn path to the left that takes you up steeply above the quarry ledge and towards the Tennyson monument. This is not signposted and is steep and narrow in places, once at the top it is a relatively flat plateau with some great views and fresh air.

It is also possible to get to the monument by walkiing across fields and the coastal path from Freshwater Bay, this I think is signposted at the Freshwater Bay end and is a longer but a more gradual climb.

Take car near the cliff edges - there are no fences. There are no amenities whatsover near the monument, the nearest would be The Highdown Inn pub.

Distance: It is only about 400yds from the car park to the Tennyson Monument, however this is quite steep in places.







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