St Helen's beach
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St Helens beach

Kitesurfing at St Helens

Popular with watersports of all kinds here...

Jetski at St Helens

As well as Kitesurfing there are Jetskis, Windsurfing and Kayaks.

Nodes Point

Nodes Point area is just to the left of The Church Tower ruin, this is also where the rock pools are {partly covered in picture due to the tide is in}. Another stretch of quiet beach is just around this corner and directly adjacent is a campsite.

St helen's Church Tower ruin

This ruin is the first thing you will see when you arrive here. The tower is a relic of the Old Saxon church which stands on the shore. The Norman priory was suppressed and along with its church fell into the sea. A storm in 1703 washed the ruins away leaving only the tower as a landmark for sailors. See The Legend of The Tower.