St Helens beach
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St Helens

St. Helens beach is opposite Bembridge harbour and is in an Easterly direction from St. Helens, with just one road in and out it is easily missed.

Go through St. Helens on the B3330 heading towards Nettlestone and as the road sharply turns left the road on the right {Duver Road} is the one to go down to get there.

St. Helens beach is a good medium sized beach and is relatively quiet, however I seem to remember that bathing is not allowed due to strong currents, however some people still manage to bathe with caution. Quite good rock pools are here at Nodes Point, just to the left of The Church Tower ruin - which will be the first thing you will see when you arrive.

Pay and display single file car parking with a small area where double parking is possible. Total car parking spaces is not large and does fill up in peak season however there is an overspill car park a few hundred yds away before you enter the esplanade.

As you will see later in this gallery St Helens is popular with watersports of many kinds, there are some unique beach huts converted from old railway wagons and St Helens Fort across the way.

The Vine Inn at St Helens is the nearest recommended pub.

St Helens beach cafe'

Just one cafe' with outside and inside seating and a couple of refreshments and ice cream kiosks are here.

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St Helens Fort

St Helens Fort is opposite the beach. This fort is one of a chain of defensive Spithead Forts and construction was started in 1867.