St. Catherine's Lighthouse



St Catherine's Lighthouse is situated in Niton Undercliffe, 5 miles from Ventnor and was built in 1838 following the loss of The Clarendon ship on rocks near to the present location.

It is also not far from The Buddle Inn at St. Catherine's, The Islands most Southerly point. This part of The Island is quiet and peaceful.

St. Catherine's lighthouse 2006  


It has 94 steep steps up to the lantern and the height of the tower now is 27 metres.  It was 13 meters higher but due to problems with mist capping the lighthouse it was decided to lower the top tower by 7 meters and the middle tower by 6 meters in 1875. 

The range of the 2 x 400w MBI lamps is 26 sea miles and they give one white flash every 5 seconds.

An accident took place at the station during the Second World War, on 1st June 1943.  A bomb landed directly on the engine house killing the three keepers who were on duty and had taken shelter there.  Their last log can be seen in the log book on show in the lighthouse and a sixty year old Union Jack flag is still displayed on a wall opposite as a mark of respect. 

If you go on a tour you may notice some small parts of the lens chipped away from bombing raids.

Check opening times as these vary with months of the year.




As seen from half way along the road to the lighthouse {no vehicle access}. St Catherine's Lighthouse is maintained and controlled by Trinity House Lighthouse Service.

  St. Catherine's lighthouse 2006

St. Catherine's lighthouse distant view 2006



This is the single lane that you drop onto when you have gone down the fairly steep footpath opposite The Buddle Inn {sign posted}.


Walking directions:

Make your way to The Buddle Inn at St. Catherine's near Niton. It is not possible to park near the lighthouse, visitors have to park at the top of the hill {St. Catherine's Road} and walk down a lane or park near to The Buddle Car park.

Another way is; directly opposite the pub is their car park and a sign posted footpath. Go down this footpath which is quite steep and when you reach the bottom turn right onto the lane. Continue in this general direction and then leave the lane and follow the well worn footpath which goes across a couple of fields and stiles to the lighthouse.

There it is possible to join the coastal path to go on further or to go back via the tarmac road up hill. This has some great views and because it is a no vehicle access restriction {except for residents} very little traffic. You will soon be back on the main road that sweeps around a corner just past The buddle Inn.

Total distance about 1 mile.

Visit: for more information about Lighthouses.


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