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St Boniface Down, Ventnor


Above Ventnor is St. Boniface Down the highest point on The Island at 787 ft above sea level.  This monument marks the place where a Dakota plane crashed in bad weather in 1962.  St. Boniface Down is quite tricky to find by car, see comments at the end of this page for directions.


Close up view of previous picture.  For the full story of this tragic accident see the following link:  http://www.farvis.com/ventnor1.htm



There are quite a few of these derelict WW2 lookout posts, and a larger radar station further on.  There is limited free parking up here in two places with some good views.  On this particular summer evening it was warm and very hazy up here.



Just one of many views from up here.



Heading out of Ventnor toward Wroxall on the B3327 {Ocean View Road} you will pass a chip shop on your left at a steep right handed corner.  Continue round the corner until it straightens up and then take the first right hand turn into Down Lane.  Keep going up and up this steep and twisting lane till you get to the top, you will need a low gear!  Although there are plenty of footpaths and even a bridleway at the top there is only one way to get to the top by car.  See Ordnance Survey Map.

The road up there is tarmaced and you may notice a lane not tarmaced leading off and downward slightly away from the top where the new radar/radio transmission building and mast is.  If you go down this hard-core covered lane it eventually passes the old WW2 Radar Station and then there is another circular car park at the end with more views toward Shanklin Old Village/Luccombe area.


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