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A short walk from The Spyglass Inn, Ventnor to Steephill Cove.

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Ventnor headland 2005.

The headland showing the lower level with the recently diverted coastal path running through it. 



This is the view of Steephill Cove as you have gone around the corner as approached from Ventnor's direction.  There is not much more to see here than is in the picture at this very small and quaint cove.  Halfway along there is The Boathouse Restaurant and at the end a beach cafe' {the flap jacks are highly recommended}.  It is possible to walk out of Steephill to rejoin the coastal path which passes the Ventnor cricket ground and enters The Botanical Gardens.

This walk could be started from Steephill Cove but car parking or dropping off at Steephill itself {there is a drop off point directly above Steephill - at the end of Love Lane} is not possible, for more information about Steephill Cove see the gallery.



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