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A short walk from The Spyglass Inn, Ventnor to Steephill Cove.

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The Spyglass Inn, Ventnor.

The Spyglass Inn taken in 2000

Make your way to The Spyglass Inn, Ventnor Esplanade, pictured above.  It is not far to Steephill Cove possibly around half a mile.  Car parking is just behind and above the pub or on The Esplanade itself, all pay and display.  The pub comes highly recommended for food or to just have a drink in or outside.  Behind the pub it is a steep but short walk to the top where there are views of the Victorian town and of the bay.


View of the coastal path and headland above and beyond The Spyglass heading toward Steephill Cove.  Taken on a very hot and sunny day in 2004.


Walk through the cliff top car park and continue this coastal path in the same general direction toward Steephill Cove, and enjoy the views and fresh air!  On the way there has been some erosion and slippage of land and the path has had to be constructed further back - as a result there are many steep wooden steps at one point and this means that care and assistance is required for disabled people or those with push chairs.  For a closer picture of the headland extracted from the above picture click here.



Ventnor headland 2005.

This is the headland in between Ventnor and Steephill following the coastal path, it is on two levels with a few benches dotted here and there.






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