The Shipwreck & Maritime Museum 2


Deep sea diving helmet  

The Shipwreck & Maritime Museum, Arreton Barns, Arreton.

  From U90 sunk in 1919  

"Queen Victoria" Bembridge's old Lifeboat from 1887 outside the entrance from a different angle.

Bembridge old Lifeboat  

Antique diving equipment and accessories are also within the displays.


"Pieces of eight coins" recovered form the sea bed are here as well, and the reason why coins were cut into odd shapes.


Part of a periscope from U90 German Submarine.

Periscope from U90 Submarine wreck  
Figurehead at the top of the museum                

Within the gift shop as well as gifts there are a collection of old slot machines from many years ago. For a small cost old 1d coins are available from the gift shop to enable you to operate these machines. The gift shop is free to enter.

Some of these are quite amusing and entertaining for children and adults and to think these were the height of entertainment and technology nearly a hundred years ago!







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