The Shipwreck & Maritime Museum


Deep sea diving helmet  

The Shipwreck & Maritime Museum, Arreton Barns, Arreton.

This museum used to be in Bembridge and was recommended prior to it moving to new larger premises with more facilities and much improved parking for visitors.
  From U90, sunk 1919

Situated in a converted barn at the edge of the Craft Village of Arreton Barns, Arreton is the entrance to the Shipwreck & Maritime museum.

This is quite a nice spot overlooking the medieval carp pond and nearby 12 Century Church.

I am pleased to announce that the museum is a recommended place to visit once again.

This huge collection has been personally recovered from the sea by the owner Martin Woodward.

Entrance to the Shipwreck & Maritime Museum
View from the entrance

View from the entrance. The church is just out of view to the left. Fish and duck food is available from the gift shop at the museum.


The owner of the museum has been diving on shipwrecks since the 1960's.

There are lots of diving artefacts and treasures on display as well as smuggling and fishing displays as well as the "Wreck and Rescue" Lifeboat Museum.

Inside view
Maritime museum pirate            

Famous shipwrecks of the Island are featured here such as "SS Mendi", "Clarendon", "Sirenia" and the missing submarine "HMS Swordfish" which was found by the owner in 1983.

There is a wealth of interesting facts and where applicable photographs and press cuttings and there is an audio visual room for the visitor as well.




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