Shanklin Chine lower entrance/exit
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Shanklin Chine

PLUTO pipeline

Section of the Pipe Line Under The Ocean {P.L.U.T.O.} which ran through the Chine and 65 miles under the Channel to Cherbourg supplying much needed fuel during WW2. Laying the pipe onto and across the ocean bed was a task in itself and information about this and other facts are very well displayed in The Heritage Centre.

Victorian Hot Brine Baths

Victorian Hot Brine Bath removed from The Fisherman's Cottage in 1970. This bath was used by visitors during the 19th centuary, bathing in this was rumoured to have had special health giving properties.

Good places near to Shanklin Chine

For more information visit Shanklin Chine's website at:

  • Car Parking in Shanklin Old Village - use the dedicated Car Park {Pay and display} in the middle of the village, it is very near to the top entrance to the Chine
  • Or park at the dedicated Car Park in Shanklin Old Village and have a pleasant walk down from there to Shanklin beach arriving near to The Fisherman's cottage pub and the Chine's lower entrance/exit.
  • No Car parking is available near to The Fisherman's Cottage pub or The Chine's lower entrance/exit - use Shanklin's long Esplanade parking spaces or the nearest of 3 Esplanade car parks - all pay and display.
  • For a few pence extra there is a nature trail leaflet available to purchase and this is handy if you have children who like to explore and look for things. We spent ages looking for the Horsetail plant one year!