Shanklin Chine lower entrance/exit
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Shanklin Chine

Heritage Centre, gift shop and Tea Rooms

Lower entrance/exit off Shanklin Esplanade, the Heritage Centre, Tea Rooms and gift shop are here amongst the splendid grounds. Note the large Echiums in the foreground. The Fisherman's Cottage pub and Shanklin beach are not far from here.

Plants at Shanklin chine

A wide selection of plants, ferns, and woodland are within the paths of the Chine. These leaves look like giant Rhubarb, they are from the Gunnera Manicata plant.

chine Lodge and Heritage Centre

The Victorian Chine Lodge which adjoins The Heritage Center used to be called Honeymoon Cottage and was popular with newlyweds and at one time was the first school in Shanklin for the fishermen's children.

Fisherman's Cottage

The Fisherman's Cottage can be found at the quieter end of Shanklin beach, the turnstile on the right is one way of exiting the Chine once the very end is reached. Above the pub is the black fence of the Chine's lookout where a good view can be enjoyed from here.