Shanklin Chine lower entrance/exit off Shanklin Esplanade
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Shanklin Chine

Shanklin Chine is an historic gorge or deep narrow ravine that has been open to the public since 1817. Formation of this chine has taken place over the last 10,000 years and as a result has plenty of natural beauty, a rich haven of rare plants, ferns, woodland, and an enchanting 45 ft waterfall.

PLUTO (Pipeline under the Ocean) also ran through the Chine and there are still 65 yards of the pipe remaining. PLUTO, one of the great secret successes of the war, was the idea of Lord Mountbatten. During the Normandy invasion in 1944, forked pipelines from the Chine and Sandown carried petrol 65 miles under the Channel to Cherbourg.

Shanklin Chine waterfall

Waterfall side of the top entrance to The Chine. As well as the main 45 ft waterfall at the top some 105 ft above sea level there is a second 29 ft waterfall, with a large canopy of trees the Chine is well sheltered in most parts.

Shanklin Chine top entrance

Shanklin Chine top entrance in Shanklin Old Village, go down the short lane that has The Crab Inn and Pencil Cottage gift shop at its start. There are no places to park your car here. Beyond the entrance over the footbridge and up the steps are Rylstone Gardens and tea rooms with pitch and putt as well as crazy golf. Rylestone Manor is also further on.

Summer evenings:

In summer evenings The Chine is illuminated and is normally open until 10pm - this makes the walk into another experience to sample some beer at The Fisherman's Cottage {lower entrance/exit} or The Crab Inn {upper entrance/exit} enjoyable. The Fisherman's Cottage was built in about 1817 by the same Mr. Colenutt who made the path through the Chine. The Fisherman's Cottage and The Crab Inn are recommended in my Pub Guide.

What is a Chine?