Shanklin beach and Esplanade picture gallery, Isle of Wight.


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Shanklin Esplanade 5





The Steamer Inn taken in summer 2006.

The Steamer Inn 2006
Shanklin Dotto passenger train

Shanklin's Dotto Train.
This has undergone a colour change recently, it used to be blue, taken 2008.



Shanklin South beach Cafe' as mentioned in the first page of this gallery.

The Fisherman's Cottage pub and Shanklin Chine lower entrance are just behind the cafe'. See the picture below:

Shanklin Beach Cafe'

The Chine, beach and pub


This is a busy picture taken from the point higher up and behind the cafe' in the previous picture.

Shanklin Chine is straight ahead with steps down to the Fisherman's Cottage and beach on the left. On the right the slope winds its way steeply up to offer great views from here with a small pub perched here as well, The Chine Inn.



  Shanklin Beach is featured and recommended in the beach guide.




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