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Shanklin Beach 2




The South part of Shanklin's large beach is normally the quieter part and refreshment is not too far away, there are just a couple of Cafe's nearby - one on the beach and also a pub.

Shanklin South Beach

Above and beyond The Fisherman's Cottage

This is looking at the end of the South part of the beach with the viewing platform of Shanklin Chine at the top right and the thatched rooftop of The Fisherman's Cottage at the bottom.

In this area of the beach is the access by foot to Rylstone Gardens and Shanklin Old Village via steep but quite wide steps.


Small Hope Beach is situated at the very end of Shanklin's beach past the steep esplanade hill at the Eastern end, if you blink whilst travelling down this you will have missed this area. It is seperated from Shanklin's long beach by a small car park and jetty.

This are is also reasonably quiet and there is a Cafe' here as well as deck chair and beech hut hire. It is possible to walk along here to Lake and then Sandown beaches.

Small Hope Beach, Shanklin

Small Hope beach huts, Shanklin 2006


Small Hope Beach Huts taken on a glorious day early on before the large crowds of holidaymakers arrived onto Shanklin's seafront.

The rich blue skies seen here are in these pictures are not the results of a polariser filter or Photoshop adjustments.

The walk from Shanklin's South end to the Eastern end and beyond is recommended and is popular on a nice day.



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