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Rylstone Gardens 3




Cliff top path, Rylstone Gardens are on the right and at the end of the cliff fence are the steps down to the beach.  Notice the middle section of fence has been renewed and placed a bit further back. 

The views and peace up here makes finding this area worthwhile alone.


Rylestone cliff top path, Shanklin.


How to get there:

1: Find The Crab Inn at Shanklin Old Village.  Walk down the small lane that is adjacent to The Crab Inn and leads down to Shanklin Chine, cross the small stream and opposite you will see some steps.  Go up these steps to be taken straight to The Rylestone Manor Tea Rooms with Crazy golf.  Or continue up the lane to join Rylestone Gardens and Manor House where the Tea Rooms can also be found from a different side.


2Go to Shanklin Beach and head for the South part.  Go past the thatched Fisherman's Cottage and continue for a hundred yards past a small Yacht Club and the series of steps should be on your left.  Go up these zig-zag steps enjoying the view and at the top there is a cafe' on the left, a cliff top footpath on the far right and Rylestone gardens in front of you and to the right slightly.


3From the main road through Shanklin Old Village turn into Priory Road - this is on your left just as you pass through The Old Village itself if travelling South toward Luccombe.  Then either turn left into Popham Road or continue and then later turn left again into Loccombe Road and at the end of these small roads {they both meet each other anyway} is The Rylstone Manor and gardens area. 

There are no car parks and if I remember very little parking available, but this way may be handy to drop people off.


  Rylstone Gardens view 2006 Looking in the opposite direction towards Sandown and Culver cliffs in the far distance, August 2006.


This was taken in the morning before the crowds of people descended onto the beach, it was a very hot day indeed. The steep but wide steps down to the beach are on the far right of this picture.



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