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Rylstone Gardens 2



These are the steps from the edge of  Rylstone Gardens and cliff top path down to Shanklin Beach South.

The small roof top seen on the left of the picture is another tea room just as you reach the top of the steps.
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Rylestone steps down to Shanklin Beach.

Shanklin South Beach view.


This is the South part of Shanklin Beach.




This is extracted from the previous picture.  The Fisherman's Cottage can be seen on the far right.  This view is hidden if trying to see it from say halfway along Shanklin Esplanade.

  Closer view of Shanklin South Beach, Rylestone steps.

Rylstone gardens 2006


It is also popular for sunbathing and picnics amongst mature trees, and is relatively quiet even in peak season. Taken August 2006.



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