Rolls Royce Merlin engine

Rolls-Royce Merlin engine - type 31.

Four of these reliable engines powered The Lancaster:

4 valves per cylinder - 12 Cyl V Engine - Supercharged to deliver 16psi boost - 2 plugs per Cyl - 1650 BHP - 27 Litre capacity - 3 to 10 pints of oil consumption per hour - 150 gallons of fuel per hour at max - 130 to 150 Octane fuel. In winter as much as 30% of fuel was added to the sump to aid cold weather starting, this soon burned off.

A total of more than 168,000 Merlins were built including the different models which were used in Tanks, Hurricane, Mosquito, some Wellington's and most models of Spitfire as well as P51 Mustang and a Motor Torpedo boat to name a few.....

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