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Parkhurst Forest


Another path view.



Taken by my 10 year old daughter this one!




The three instances we saw red squirrels were:

When we visited Robin Hill Adventure Park one morning {as soon as they were open} we saw three squirrels, once within about 3 metres.

Whilst walking back from Luccombe Chine Beach along the footpath to Shanklin Old Village area about half way between the two.  We both had a shock, us and the squirrel and it initailly ran away and then climbed upward and across our heads on branches that formed a close canopy over the narrow footpath.  As a result we saw it at close quarters for longer and the red squirrel must have been 2 metres away, they have cute little faces and white underbellies - the kids loved the experience.  We were not looking or expecting to see a squirrel at all.




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