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Osborne House  2



Avenue to The Swiss Cottage 2005.

The pleasant avenue of trees line the road and path to The Swiss Cottage area. 

This is around half a mile away and free transport in the form of a new wheelchair friendly mini-bus is also provided for those requiring it making regular return trips.  On a fine day the majority of visitor's are walking there.  The horse drawn carriages no longer go down to The Swiss Cottage area.




Ice House 2005.

The Ice House is about half way between the house and The Swiss Cottage.

This is not visible from the road and path above and a small detour has to be made to see it. 




The Icehouse passageway 2005.

The passageway leading to the deep pit within the Icehouse on the right is a dark storage room. 




The Swiss Cottage 2005.

The Swiss Cottage in the distance behind The Swiss Cottage Garden where the children used to grow vegetables.

At The Swiss Cottage area there is also The Swiss Cottage Museum, Victoria Fort and Albert Barracks, Queen Victoria's bathing machine and Alberta Deckhouse.




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