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Osborne House  1


There is a lot to see in the circular tour of the house and comes highly recommended but can be very busy at times even shortly after opening and even more so at peak holiday period.  The house tour will take an hour or more and strictly no photography is allowed inside.  We had not been to Osborne House for some 10 years due to our young children but when we paid a return visit with my daughters {the youngest two being 6 and the eldest 10 years old} everyone enjoyed and appreciated the house and grounds. 

It is possible to pay an entrance fee for just the gardens or for the house and gardens, and it is maintained by English Heritage.


Osborne House 2005.

Just part of the main wing overlooking the terraces.

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert loved Osborne House and enjoyed it as a summer home for herself and her family.  The original Osborne {now demolished} was purchased in 1845 and the new much larger Osborne House was completed in 1851 with more additions to follow in the coming years. The estate is very large and it is a pleasant half a mile walk from the house to The Swiss Cottage.



Osborne House Pavilion 2005.

Just part of the front of the house, in the middle are the royal apartments in The Pavilion.  In the right of the picture is the visitor's entrance to the house.

Just some of the rooms to see inside:  Royal Nursery Suite, Queen's Sitting Room, Queen's Dressing Room, Queen's Bedroom, Horn Room, Durbar Room, Dining Room, Drawing Room, Billiard Room, Grand Corridor, Council Room, Queen Victoria's Lift, Prince Consort's Dressing Room.



The Terrace Restaurant 2005.

The Terrace Restaurant.


White and Black statues are common inside the house and out.






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