Mottistone Manor House Gardens




Mottistone Manor House 2005.  

Mottistone Manor House Gardens
is situated in the South West of The Island just 2 miles west of Brightstone in Mottistone on the B3399.  Good sized car park is nearby and it is just a 100yard walk to the entrance.  National Trust owned. 

Built in the 16th Century it was once under 1500 tons of sand after a landslide from the hill above and was in a dangerous condition.  It remained in this state for quite some time until the first Lord Mottistone had it excavated and restored.




Looking back at the entrance to the grounds.  This used to be stables and outbuildings to The manor House.



Just a small part of the terraced gardens.


View from the top path where there is a bench.  The day this was taken was very hot and humid, the sea and more landscape could be seen above the Manor House although the slightly over-exposed picture does not show this.

Do you fancy a nearby walk up Mottistone Down to The Long Stone?


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