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This was taken during my stay in Niton 2002.  Shown in covered up mode it is the front section of an AustinMini made into a seat! 

When the sun shines the blue cover is removed to reveal the seat and a small Perspex mock windscreen is fitted into place {see next picture}.

This was taken in 2003 and clearly he has had a colour change and a smarter seat!  Using the original large file of this shot and a lot of magnification I found out the Tax disc displayed ran out 11/94, not as old as I presumed a year earlier. 

In 2004 all traces of the unusual mini seat had gone, whether for restoration or a colour change I don't know. In 2006 it was also nowhere to be seen.

Is the owner a Harry Potter fan by any chance?

Bembridge House Boats

On the B3395 toward the end of Bembridge Harbour nearing St. Helens there are quite a few House Boats on your right hand side {if travelling from Bembridge}.

Bed & Breakfast House Boat

There is a section in my beach guide about St. Helens Duver beach which is nearby with pictures and 'The legend of The Tower' story.



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