Whereabouts of personally recommended attractions on The Isle of Wight

This map is only a basic map guide of where places approximately are.

Location of recommended attractions on The Isle of WightTravelling times aroung The Isle of Wight

For a sense of scale: Shanklin to Ventnor is 3.5 miles by road and The Island is 23 miles wide by 13 miles high.

1- Amazon World, 2- Blackgang Chine, 3- Fort Victoria, 4- The Needles Pleasure Park and The Needles Old Battery nearby, 5- Dinosoar Isle, 6- Waxworks, 7- Calbourne Watermill, 8- The Garlic Farm, 9- Carisbrooke Castle, 10- Shanklin Chine, 11- Model Village, 12- St Catherine's Lighthouse, 13- Osborne House, 14- Robin Hill Adventure Park, 15- Waltzing Waters, 16- Bembridge Windmill, 17- Sandown Zoo, 18- Ventnor Botanical Gardens, 19- Isle of Wight Steam Railway, 20- Arreton Barns Craft Village and Maritime and Shipwreck Museum, 21- Longshoreman's Museum, 22- Mottistone Manor gardens, 23- Donkey Sanctuary.

Travelling times around The Island:

Generally we tend to split the Island up into 4 quarters for approximate travelling times, an imaginary line from North to South and from East to West {see small map above and to right of main}.

If you select a place you wish to travel to and it happens to be within your 'quarter' {the one you are currently in} it may take around 5 to 10 mins by car to get there. An adjacent 'quarter' around 10-20 mins. And the longest a diagonal {opposite} 'quarter' 30-40 mins by car, remember the roads are small and winding and people are less inclined to race from A to B unlike The Mainland!

These times do not include going through Newport Monday to Saturday inclusive. The river Medina splits Cowes and East Cowes down the middle and continues to Newport, there is a floating bridge at Cowes however but this is also not included in our travelling times. The main route through Shanklin - Sandown - Lake - Bembridge suffers from heavy congestion sometimes in peak season and this can be avoided by going the 'scenic' route over the downs {hills}.