Walk to Luccombe Chine and beach
{with the possibility of continuing to Shanklin Rylestone Gardens area}.


Luccombe Chine area is situated between Shanklin Old Village and Bonchurch, however the main road {A3055} which links the two does not go near to Luccombe and the only lane to Luccombe is now Private and not for public use.  There is just a handful of houses, one Hotel and a farm but it does have its own beach and Luccombe is considerably lower than the main road therefore it is easily missed if driving by.

Distance:  From The Smugglers Haven Tea Room car park to Luccombe Chine 0.5 mile approx.  Another .75 - 1 mile to Shanklin Rylestone Gardens area - highly recommended.  All footpaths only.


Park your car {or jump off the bus} at the small free car park prior to The Smugglers Haven Tea Room which is one your left if travelling from Shanklin Old Village situated just before dropping down to Bonchurch on the A3055.  With your back to the main road take the footpath LEFT and follow this in a downward direction. 

Steps break up the incline every now and again and the footpath is laden with overhanging trees and bushes, continue this for quite some time.  On the right when the lower level of land has been reached there are a couple of places where you can join a lane running parallel to the footpath via a couple of steps - take this route.
One of the handful of houses at Luccombe.  

Go down the lane until you come to the middle of Luccombe Chine and on the right is a footpath to Luccombe's small beach, if you are fit and have no pushchairs or very young children then the visit to Luccombe Beach is unique and a 'must do' - the wooden footpaths will not be there forever. A couple of years ago the only footpath down to the beach was shut due to maintenance/rebuilding. 

Have a look at some pictures and more information on the
Luccombe Beach pages.
View from the Luccombe footpath 2005.  
Shanklin, Sandown and Culver cliffs 2005.  

On the left the lane goes back to the main road and straight on the rural footpath takes you to Shanklin Old Village near to Rylestone Gardens which is quite a way further {possibly 3/4 - 1 mile partly uphill} but is recommended for the views across the bay toward Shanklin and Sandown {see pictures above and left}. 

The footpath in this section is sometimes narrow and wild, we saw a red squirrel close up on this part of the footpath last year.


Because the only lane into Luccombe Chine is now private this explains the lack of car activity and for visitors access is only by walking via footpaths.  Luccombe Chine Tea Rooms used to be here but is no longer. 

It is a very quiet and picturesque place, with plenty of wild plants and trees.  Refreshments and Toilets are near the start {or finish} of your journey at The Smugglers Haven Tea Room. 

A bit further on past The Smugglers Haven towards Bonchurch is Devils Chimney - a narrow fissure in rock that you have to squeeze through!

This walk is possible to do in reverse and is just as good {we did it this year} although car parking if needed could be a problem at the start.

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