Luccombe Beach 2


Luccombe rocks 

More rock strata's from Luccombe beach. 


This tree certainly got here via a landslip some considerable time ago, the root is well weathered by the sun and sea and its trunk firmly embedded in the sand. 

For another couple of pictures from here see Miscellaneous 2 

  Fallen Tree at Luccombe beach   
Landslip at Luccombe beach 

Recent landslip. This is the first recent one we have seen here, do not worry about the Landslips they are not that frequent - just be careful and avoid the areas directly below the cliffs.

They tend to happen after rain that has followed long periods of dry weather.


We did see just a couple of people whilst visiting here and these walked right along the coastline towards Shanklin - be careful of tide times if you do this.

Culver Cliffs in the distance, notice the lager bottles in the picture?
  Luccombe beach area   






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