Luccombe Beach - a hidden gem


Luccombe Beach area is situated between Shanklin Old Village and Bonchurch, however the main road {A3055} which links the two does not go past Luccombe and the only lane to Luccombe is now Private and not for public use.

The Beach can only be accessed by walking down the only footpath through Luccombe Chine and there are no facilities whatsoever at or nearby, so be prepared. For more information of how to get to Luccombe see  Luccombe Walk.
Luccombe beach, looking in the direction of Shankin

There is just a handful of houses, one or two Hotels and a farm but it does have its own beach and Luccombe is considerably lower than the main road therefore it is easily missed if driving by.

The footpath and wooden steps down are very steep in places.  We first managed to walk down this with our children who were then aged 6 years, we were holding on to them - any younger is not recommended and a definite no if you have pushchairs/wheelchairs. 


First view of part of the beach.  Luccombe Chine's plants are plentiful and are not managed in any way and as a result the Chine itself is mostly hidden. 


Just prior to the taking of this picture we had to go down a sections of steps that was near vertical {Well note quite but they seemed it} - almost like going down a wide ladder with handrails.  Note: the small footbridge.

  First view of Luccombe beach  
Luccombe beach smugglers cave

Looking back to where the steps land onto the beach.  Obviously this beach is very private and the cave was once used by smugglers many years ago.  There is a tower for the Customs & Excise men in The Luccombe chine House Hotel above.
Luccombe beach cliffs 


Looking to left of the Chine, different strata's of rock can easily be seen in many places here.


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