Cliff top
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Landslips on The Isle of Wight continued...


Detached house that had to be demolished due to Landslip of the road just beyond its gardens. The main and side gate are chained up. Afterwards the site was completely clear - you would never had known there was a house there, the plants and trees remained.

Luccombe cliffs

Another view of the cliffs at Luccombe beach, there is a Chine here as well although much of it is hidden by wild plants in this unmanaged area. Notice the plateaus half way up the cliff face - which is a common sign of Landslips, trees also make their way onto the beach.

Fallen tree on Luccombe beach

A fallen tree held firmly in the sand at Luccombe beach. Due to the distance away from the cliff base I would think this fell some considerable time ago.

Do not over worry too much about Landslips on The Island - these happen in certain areas only and after substancial rain particulary after long periods of draught. Warnings are usually evident that a slip is likely and many years can pass between Landslips.

Be careful near cliff edges and at the base of all cliffs.

Visit: for an in-depth explanation of effects and types of defences that the council construct to help protect The Island wherever possible.

The Isle of Wight Coastal Visitors Center building is currently for sale by The Council - where the wealth of information this building used to hold is moving to I do not know at this time, Feb 2013.