Cliff top
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Landslips on The Isle of Wight continued...

Blackgang Houses old picture

From 1989/1990 this shows the 'extra' house with two gable ends that was near the cliff that had to be vacated and demolished. The red line represents where the line of houses finish now. A few years ago I did make contact with the person who was still living in the last house.

A3055 Landslip

A3055 {Undercliff Drive} slips away: Taken in 2002; imagine driving into this one morning!.

A3055 Landslip closer view

Closer view of previous picture, the camera was level when the picture was taken. A new bypass road was built some considerable distance to the right of this view, in fact the other side of a detached property which had to be demolished.

Temporary fottpath

Temporary footpath for pedestrians, to the right can be seen some of the nice garden of the house that had to be demolished. The house had suffered only slight movement at the same time of the main Landslip.