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Landslips on The Isle of Wight continued...

Landslip at Blackgang, closer view

Closer view of the previous image. Thankfully very little land has been lost through Landslip over recent years at this precise spot, one band of 'Blue Slipper' can clearly be seen.

Landslip at Alum Bay

Quite a large Landslip at Alum Bay, although this I suspect not the fault of Gault Clay or 'Blue Slipper'.

Landslip at Alum Bay, close view

Closer view of previous picture, taken whilst on a boat trip to The Needles nearby.

Luccombe Landslip

Landslip at Luccombe beach. Luccombe beach has a difficult walking only access, but it is a unique place. Luccombe is between Shanklin and Bonchurch, the difficult footpath access is sometimes closed for repair or re-location.