Landslips at Blackgang
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The problem with some areas of The Isle of Wight is sometimes a rapid loss of land is due to a Landslip, which happens in The South/South West of The Island including Blackgang Chine Amuseument Park. This is caused by layers of Gault Clay in certain areas of The Island. This clay is sometimes formed between layers of rock, and when there is sufficient rainfall with drainage into certain areas the land above the blue slipper will fall and slip away toward the sea, hence the term landslip. This clay is locally known as 'blue slipper'.

Landslips at Blackgang are pictured above:

Taken from the very edge of Blackgang Chine Amuseument Park some 300ft high overlooking areas of Gault Clay and Landslips. The Amuseument Park has lost a considerable amount of land over the decades and has had to relocate further up the hill on several occasions. There used to be another house nearer the edge - but had to be vacated and demolished when the cliff edge became too near.

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