Featured Isle of Wight beaches

So you've been to some attractions and now the sun is out in full force, there is only one place you would like to be - on a beach!

Beaches, beaches, beaches there are lot's of 'em on The Island.  Some large, some small, some commercialised and some very secluded.  Some suitable for water sports some not, and some with nearby car parking and some without.

So on the next page and beyond is a list of 15 beaches that we have been to and can highly recommend with some of their attributes and some pictures.

Beaches in YELLOW on the map above are featured in this guide within the next page, whilst beaches in ORANGE are all the other beaches available on The Island.

Marine Conservation Society Good Beach Guide 2013 results are now included, beaches on The Island have achieved a MCS Awards for having the acceptable and high quality bathing water standards and adequate treatment of any continuous sewage discharges. 'Recommended' is the highest standard and are two acceptable standards below this being, 'Guideline' and 'Mandatory'. See MCS website www.goodbeachguide.co.uk

Some of the beaches are proud to fly their 'Seaside Award Flags' and also have acquired the 'Blue Flag Quality Awards' {used to be EnCams} and are well kept by the local council. As well as bathing water quality this award also requires safety, enviromental and beach management criteria to be met. Seaside Awards are new and were formerly Quality Coast Awards and these are also now included. The authority that issues both of these awards is www.keepbritaintidy.org

Something to do apart from beaches? see Things to do.

Smelly Seaweed: Occasionally there are large amounts of smelly seaweed brought ashore by the tides and this is dealt with by The Council who collect it off the beach usually within a day.

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