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History:  Interesting site about ghosts on the Island.  Some of the featured books by local writer Gay Baldwin, I own and have read all of these and they are good. My particular favourite are the stories, facts, and pictures concerning Knighton Gorges.

These books can be seen for sale at many bookshops and tourist information centres on The Island and are also available from the web site.  Ghost maps and stories are featured in this site amongst other things.  Book six titled 'Most Haunted Island' is out now and apart from being the largest is an excellent read - her best one yet! The Island is rich in ghosts as well as history!

Some Ventnor history and pictures can also be found at see next catagory.   A personal site from Don Adams which is dedicated to all those who served at RAF Ventnor, containing plenty of technical as well as autobiographical accounts of time spent manning the radars many years ago.  Plenty of pictures within the site including an aerial picture on 'down the Hole' page reached off 'what an underground R1 Hole looks like' link from the home page.  Named after the famous and highly recommended book by Fred Mew this site gives the locations and details of many shipwrecks that occurred on the West coast. This area was particularly notorious for claiming unfortunate ships. Plenty of pictures as well as details of heroic rescues by man -powered lifeboats whom the volunteers sometimes perished themselves.

Pictures of The Isle of Wight:  Martin Warners personal site showing some great Victorian pictures from his family's collection including those of Ventnor Esplanade, Shanklin & Sandown and some of the old piers of The Island. There are also some old postcards, recent pictures and a bit of his family history.  Wightimages - Limited edition photos and prints by Neil Hunt. The site of Isle of Wight photos taken by Steve Gascoigne LRPS. There are some fantastic pictures here where the natural light has been captured perfectly and the quality is outstanding. Ariel pictures also feature here as well as a large selection of landscape pictures amongst several galleries. Free wallpaper pictures are available to download which is a good idea, my particular favourite is the sun setting beyond The Needles. Ventnor - gateway to The Undercliff website has some great pictures old and new here. There is general information, history, accommodation, places of interest and maps here.  Great local site containing old postcard pictures as well as place information along the way. Also Shalfleet local and history pages to browse through. A gallery of photographs by local photographer Allan King. Previously Ventnor Blog, an interesting community blog site all about Ventnor and other parts of The Island. Excellent pictures as well with nice slideshow options - sit back and enjoy the show! There are some really good images here. Jason Swain is a visual artist / photographer based on the Isle of Wight on England's south coast. Specializing in fine art landscapes and action / lifestyle photography with the common theme of the islands beautiful coastline.