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Godshill  4



The Bats Wing Tea rooms and gift shop side entrance.  Go past this up the hill to get to the Church.

The Griffin:

As seen form the small/medium sized car park across the road which is open past 6pm and free {this is only the front part see below}.  It does not look much from the road but the best part of this pub is around the back. This establishment is very popular with families. 

Only a small car park is adjacent to the pub building - the very large car and coach park much further back behind the point at which the picture was taken has gates and these are shut at around 6pm - beware and check times.

This is recommended for Food in my pub guide - for more details.

Girls in the Old Smithy stocks

My girls all 'locked up' in The Old Smithy stocks - a couple of years ago.

Car Parking and Toilets:

Car Parking is very limited within the village
and even the two pubs, restaurant, model village, toy museum, and the numerous tea gardens and gift shops have very little if no parking available. Trying to park within the village is not recommended when busy or in peak season.

However all is not lost as the very large car and coach park opposite The Griffin pub is extensive and long with fields surrounding it, and it is the recommended place to park for visitors and was extended for this very reason, and it is free. Toilets are also near here. It is only a short walk to the middle of the village from here.




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