Godshill Church
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Godshill village

Godshill village is a very pretty and popular old village with a large amount of thatched houses and gift shops, plenty of parking even for coaches which frequent it especially in the summer months.

There are quite a few gift shops to browse, many tea rooms with inside and outside seating, ice cream parlours, two pubs and a church up on the hill, and some splendid gardens to appreciate. There are a couple of restaurants of which one is reputedly haunted and The Model Village is a really good model village to visit and there is a small Toy Museum. Not forgetting Godshill's Cider Barn which sells very potent cider in various containers along with preserves, oils, jams, wines, mustards and the like.

The Taverners and The Griffin are the two pubs in Godshill - see Pub guide.

Godshill Church

Godshill church and famous cottages high up on the hill. Best way to get here is to walk as there is very very little parking up here. A pleasant walk up to this quieter part of the village. This view is on many fudge boxes and other Island gifts!


This is looking down the middle of Godshill. The famous tea rooms and The Model Village are on the right. The Taverners pub is on the left, quite a nice pub really especially recently having a revamp and winning awards and visitor recommendations for its food - use the side entrance half way down the pubs length.

How did Godshill get its name?:

Legend has it that the building of a church was begun at the bottom of the hill but large stones kept disappearing overnight and reappearing at the site of the present church at the top of the hill. After two consecutive nights work was restarted but after the third removal of the stones it was assumed that God wanted the Church built on the hill and hence the name Godshill was formed.