The Fishermans Cottage, Shanklin Esplanade


Fishermans Cottage, Shanklin Esplanade 

The Fishermans Cottage pub early lunchtime, picture taken a few years ago. 
Showing the telescope viewing platform on the left of the pub }part of Shanklin Chine} and there is The Chine in above and to the right. 

There is a good cafe' with outdoor seating just out of picture on the far right.

Just below The Chine Inn is the lower entrance to Shanklin Chine and it is possible to walk up the steep steps above both using The Tower Cottage Gardens footpath - this also leads to Shanklin Old Village, recommended.
  Shanklin Beach, South end   
Fishermans cottage 2008 

Taken prior to opening time, 2008. This area of the beach is a bit quieter than the main section of Shanklin beach.

View from the steps leading down from Shanklin Chine lower entrance. 

Beyond the pub there is a small Boat Club building and then some steep steps up to Rylstone Gardens/Shanklin Old Village, nothing else.

There are some good views from the cliff top near Rylstone Gardens here and it is just a stroll to Shanklin Old Village - a handy short cut to know if fit and on foot.
  Shanklin beach, South end 2008  






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